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A Muscovado Sugar Monster

So I wasn't able to post a blog post yesterday and I am sorry for that. I became so busy doing a power point for my report in my General Economics class. I am glad that it was a success! I delivered what I have to deliver and my classmates were satisfied.  Now, I want to let you all know the things that I am up to like I am looking forward for my new mobile phone because I have been using my N97 phone and it is about to die. Hopefully, I can have it by Saturday.

I am also hooked up with the taste of this thing called "Muscovado Sugar". We bought it last week because mom wants to try this unique type of sugar. Muscovado sugar is like a brown sugar but it is more healthy compared to other sugars. It is made by natural sugar cane and I think it doesn't have any chemical mixtures. Although this is kinda expensive, I prefer using it and eating it alone. But I don't like it with my milk by the way. It looks awful!

I love the taste of Muscovado Sugar. It reminded me of the candy that I was eating when I was a little kid. My grandpa in the province used to give a lot of that candy. I guess I am already a Muscovado Sugar Monster. I am eating it after I ate meal and while watching Glee. :)


  1. Ic , congrat you have done your assignment .

    Wish you can get your new phone .

  2. LOL! watch out coz the muscovado sugar might make you monstrously huge! it's still sweets, even if you say it's healthy. hehehe!

  3. i'm not familiar with that kind of sugar although i knew that brown sugar is much more healthier than ordinary white sugar, well thanks for the info. Hope you can visit me back =)

  4. @WINTER GIRL I will get that this weekend. :)

    @GEE HAHA! I want that to happen. My body is too thin and I want to have some fats. So I will eat a lot of this then.

    @WORKING AT HOME Sure thing ma'am!


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