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Me Watching Glee!

Yes! The title is true and I think there is nothing wrong with it right? I heard a lot of people saying a lot of bad things when you watch Glee. Some say that all of the guy character in the show are gay so do the fans. 

I am no fan of musical shows but I enjoyed watching High School Musical and Hairspray before (I am not a fan alright?). The only reason that made me decide to watch Glee is the appearance of Charice Pempenco as Sunshine Corazon on their second season.

A while ago, my mom and I went to Quiapo to buy some DVDs because it's been months since I watched a good film. I bought the complete season 1 of Glee and some horror and gory films like Piranha and The Last Exorcism. Well, mom bought a DVD of Grey's Anatomy and some good old films.

I am now excited to watch it tonight. I am gonna watch the first 2 episodes of Glee because I need to be early tomorrow for school.

What do you think? Do you enjoy watching the Glee Series?


  1. Hi! Just dropping by to your site.

    really? I never hear people say bad stuffs when I say I watch Glee. that's too bad. the show rocks!

  2. I enjoy watching the show and their versions of old songs, and I also don't hear anyone saying nasty about the show. keep on watching..

  3. That is NOT TRUE!! I'm not a Gleek but I enjoy the show. If you hear some people say that, just ignore them. If you like watching Glee, then watch it.. The story is good, the characters are very interesting. The acting is very nice. And the music is superb! Now that Charice is a part of the cast, we all have another reason to watch it. =)

  4. Aha! You're buying pirated DVDs, sumbong kita kay ronnie rickets. hehehe. just joking!

  5. @Miss Gee

    AHAHA! Oh Please no! haha! :)

    But here in the Pihilippines, buying pirated DVDs is a way of life. But it's pretty fun though.


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