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Letting Go

I know this is kind of not unique because my friend from OneStopBlogz posted the same title yesterday. After reading her blog post about letting go, it just made me think of something that is bothering me for like weeks now.

Letting go is not that easy and I know that. But sometimes, it is the only way for me to get new things. Better than the one we let go.

Last night, I made my final decision. I will let her go and promised to myself that I will focus in my studies first before other things because I cannot be good on balancing two different things at a time.

From now on, I will study hard and make sure that I enjoy what I am doing. If not, then I will quit. I am also open for new possibilities. I want to try and experiment new things. I won't let someone distract me and I will always have fun!

Girls will always there and true love will come at the right time. I think we are just both strangers with each other or our path haven't met yet. I am sure it will.

Carry on! :)


  1. A closed hand can't receive, neither can a closed mind, nor a closed heart. They say when someone leaves, it's because someone else is about to arrive...

  2. @Eds

    Aww. Thanks for the wisdom. :)


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