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First Monday of Second Term

I was kinda excited to go to school because I want to see my friends and classmates. I am so sick to stay inside my house and do nothing. Atleast I can now have a lot of things in my school and keep myself busy all day. Gawd! I miss this thing!

We haven't do anything today, we just fill out an index paper for our record and have some briefing about the course outline. I know that my Relational Database Management System and Discrete Math are painful in the a**. But I know I can do it. As long as I keep myself focus like what I did in my Java class last term.

As of now, I am really tired and body is ready to sleep but I haven't eaten my dinner yet. I know I will get used to it.

To all my friends and classmates! Good luck and enjoy the term!

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  1. namiss ko tulo ang aral life ko. aral buti, ingat lage


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