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Enjoy Your Weekend Guys!

Today was a very busy day for me and my classmates because it was the last day of enrollment for the second term. I finally chose the subjects that I will be taking for the month of September up to December. Here is the subjects that I picked:
1. World Literature
2. Values and Ethics
3. Relational Database Management System
4. Multimedia Technology (The most exciting!)
5. Economics with TLR (No Idea)
6. Discrete Mathematics (Uh-Oh)

I have the total of 20 Units and I am still waiting for another subject because I really need to make it full (24 Units). Time is running so fast and I don't deserve to lose any of it.

I decoded not to take the Advanced Java class because almost all of my classmates are incomplete and I want to take this subject with them. Maybe next term and I think I need a break for any programming subject right?

Now that I am enrolled, all I have to do is wait for Monday and hope that everything would be alright. The School Organ and Student Council are waiting for me.
Enjoy Your Weekend Guys!
Sorry, I don't have something to post with Llama's Journal. Maybe tomorrow.

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