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Don't Have a Blog Comment Yet? Don't Lose Hope!

This post was just popped out of my mind when I noticed that my blog commenter is increasing. I just want to share the simple tip that I did to make that happen. Comments are not that essential but it will make your blog post more significant and alive. This will also motivate you to write for your another post for the next day.

Some of the bloggers out there already gave up after they have written a very long post and did not received any comments. Believe me that is true. Well don't expect that to happen in just a snap or whatever. It always takes time and a little bit of effort.
Blog commenter also want s some benefit Dude so give him what he needs. Follow my not-so-unique guides on how to have a blog commenter on your blog posts.

1. They want some link love. Trace the top ten commenter for the whole month and create a blog post for them. Of course, you have to put their links on it. 

2. Comment Back. Of course they want your comment too! But avoid dropping a one liner post like "awesome man!" or "OOOOH!". As much as possible, give them a very meaningful and sensible comments. Please! Read their blog posts first before you drop your reaction.

3. Make your blog a DoFollow. I joined this movement last week and it was awesome! Spams are not a big problem because we can always delete them. Now that blogger have a spam detector. For more information about DoFollow blog, read my other post entitled "DeejSpeaks is now a DoFollow blog".

I hope this post helped you. If you follow my not-so-unique guides on how to have a blog commenter, I am sure you will gain them little by little. Trust me. :)

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