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Beanie for Men in the Philippines

I have been browsing on lookbook and saw a lot of guys wearing beanies and I found it cool. A beanie is like a bonnet but the difference is beanie looks more fashionable than the bonnet itself. I tried to surf in ebay so I can buy one but they are not that cheap.

Below are the pictures of fashionable beanies for guys:

It's kinda hard to buy a beanie here in the Philippines because the weather is not that cold here. But I am seeing a lot of guys here in Manila wearing these awesome beanies! I want one! =)

If you want to buy a beanie on ebay, the price is ranging from $6 to $15. Shipping aint free. So please if you know somewhere where I can buy a beanie, comment below okay?


  1. u could buy one at topman shops

  2. There's a lot in Baguio, it's cheap yet it's fashionable.. But if you really want to buy somewhere near I'd suggest you to check on Accessorize, I think I've seen some.

  3. I had been looking before for a beanie as well and all the ones i could find here in Manila were overpriced and not even the style i was looking for. Save your money and just buy when you're in Baguio. They have tons and are real cheap. I bought several ones for P20 (you might need to haggle a bit though to get it that low). No one cares what brand your beanie is or how high quality it is. Just buy from Baguio or somewhere like that, it looks exactly the same anyway.

  4. Hi! May alam ka bang store na nagbebenta ng neon colored na bonnets? Thanks :)

    1. Yes. You can check out a small kiosk in the ground floor of SM Manila. You can see different kinds of beanie, bonnets etc.

  5. I saw a some beanies at human. :D

  6. you know there are lot of beanies or bonnet along recto or along u-belt, its Philippine made and cheaper than the branded ones.


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