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Anti-Littering Drive in the Philippines

Awesome! That was the first thing that I have said after I heard the news about this so called "Anti-Littering Drive". This means that people in the country will be punished or will pay 500 pesos to 1000 pesos if they got caught littering in public places.

This is a very good way to make this country more inviting especially here in Metro Manila. As a student, I have seen a lot of not-so-good things here especially the trash or candy wrappers all over the street. Well that is a big NO NO!

Kudos to MMDA who are working hard to make this Anti-Litering Drive possible! Please don't use the money that you will be collecting for your own goods. Work hard and a reward will be given to you in the end!

Make this country clean and inviting like Singapore! Well that is one of dreams for our country. A refreshing and relaxing city.

What can you say about this Anti-Littering Drive?


  1. when Pinoys just try to focus on the work at hand, there is nothing we cannot achieve =]

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  2. Ian,

    Let me see what I can do. Goodluck with your contest!

  3. This is a nice move for our government and I just hope this will stay longer and they won't be complacent and only better at the beginning.


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