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Start of Something New

This is not all about the song of High school Musical (I am not a fan) but this post is a start of something new for this blog. If you have been here before, maybe you noticed that I have changed my theme and almost everything on this blog. I have added new features like the one on the footer. The "About The Author" section below is based on the About Me of my newly discovered blog "Harriet and Friends". I love its concept because it is showing off who you are with that simple edited photo.

The photo is me of course and I just vectorized it using my photoshop CS4. Here is the copy of it.
(Based on Harriet and Friends)
Oh yes! I also changed my font. I used Verdana before but because I want a total makeover,  I replaced it with Trebuchet because of its simple yet elegant look.

Expect more from this blog and again, this is the start of something new.

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