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Should I say "Thanks" When Someone Liked my Status on Facebook?

This is the question that I am thinking these past few days. I am an active user of Facebook and almost online everyday. I can't do anything when I close my Facebook tab so I am leaving it open so I can monitor what is happening to my friends.

I am always posting my status almost every hour. I am searching for quotable movie quotes or some memorable quotes of spongebob or my favorite band like Never Shout Never. I feel awesome when someone liked the status that I have posted but I don't know how to react.

I don't want to start a long conversation with that status so what should I do? Do they want me to like their status in return? Or they just want to get noticed?

What I am doing is I am commenting on my own status and I say thanks to the people who likes it or I just post a simple :).

What about you? What are you doing when someone liked your status on Facebook?

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