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Local Sports Fest and More

As a student council in our school, I am responsible for the preparation for our school's outdoor and indoor activity. Our project now is the preparation for our local sports fest including IIC-Sta Mesa and IIC- Caloocan Branch. We went to IIC-Sta Mesa awhile ago to meet the other student council and it was a good experience.

We shared thoughts and ideas regarding to our Local Sports Fest that will be happening on October 2010. We talked about the sports that we will be competing such as:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Darts
  • Swimming
  • Cheer Dancing Competition
  • Table Tennis
  • Mr. and Ms. Informatics
After the meeting, we went back to our campus to divide the tasks and I got the poster making along with the second year representative and to convince the swimmer that I know. I hope I can convince her.

I will cut my post short because I am soooo tired. I am done with my daily routine and I want to call this a day. Goodluck to my exam in PE tomorrow. Don't forget to watch Miss Universe 2010 via live online streaming this coming August 23, 2010 okay? 


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