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Home Alone: Day 3

This Home Alone thingy is making me a loner this past few days. =D Someone called me a loner on the chatbox! Haha! But in campus, I am loner no more. I have my friends with me talking about various things like blogging, cracking nonstop jokes, and some humors that is crawling on the walls of my school.

Monday is such a busy and hectic day for me. Wanna know why? Because I took 4 exams in one day including 2 minor subjects with a huge amount of enumeration and 2 major subjects that has 2 different programming languages (Assembly Programming and Java Programming).

Aside from that traumatic bloody exams, we also had our Medical examination as a sophomore students. This includes Blood Pressure, checking of teeth, height and weight, having an X-Ray, and taking some blood samples.

But my favorite part is the checking of our eyesight. I am glad that I still have a perfect vision and I will not be needing any glasses. haha! I also tested the tons of eye glasses on the table including this picture:
Well this one is weird. It is like I have a candy in my mouth and it looks vintage. haha! There was an issue about the missing/stolen eye-glass too. I am afraid I am one of the suspects. haha! But I know who took it. I just don't want to drop some name. Plus we are not close. He is a freshman. So harsh.

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