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Home Alone: Day 2

This ain't the movie dude. No one is after me who wants to kidnap me for a huge ransom money. If you want to know what I am talking about, you can visit my own version of Home Alone: Day 1. 3 more days to go and I am excited to taste my Mom's food again.

Well as usual, I cooked my own food for the whole day. My fried rice is getting better compared to the one that I cooked yesterday. Want to know my secret? Well I used Maggi Magic Sarap. Haha! I know this is kinda gay but yeah, magic sarap really works. All you have to do is sprinkle the seasoning on the food that you are using and voila! You now have a delectable food on the table.
Change topic. I did not do anything today except for updating my blog, adgitizing, and clicking ads to earn money online. I also learned something about Dota 6.68 from Llama's Journal. *LoL*

Gotta go now! I need to watch some videos about Overriding and Overloading for my exam in my Java class tomorrow.

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