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The Dark Age is about to End

Tomorrow is the day where my dark age as a college student for term 1 is about to end and I am so excited about it. August is such a busy and tiring month for me and my classmates due to a hectic schedule and tons of paperworks and programs in Java and C++.

I hope that I can go back to my old routine and do some bloghopping as long as I want, blog about something interesting as much as I can and be idle until I fall asleep. I miss those kind of things.

I also want to have a beer session with my friends so we can have a good time to laugh and forget everything that we have been through.

To all my classmates who are reading this blog, Congratulations to all of us and I hope we will all pass our subjects including Java! =)

Enjoy the Break!


  1. Hahaha. Congrats! My dark age will end in a month's time pa.

  2. yes it is in our reach almost ;P - Jabs


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