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Blogging is not all about Money!

I have been blogging since last year and I guess I will be turning 1 year old blogger this coming November or September. Writing is my passion. That is one of the reasons why I am staying in blogosphere. My goal is to learn new things and to share it to others. Money is just a simple reward for that act.

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It is overwhelming to meet people who are passionate in blogging so if you are a writer or you are passionate about writing something, then you must create your own blog as early as now and be my best friend! I want to meet co-bloggers and have a good time like eat together, have a photo shoot and have a strong bond with them. If you want to meet me, you can contact me here and let us have fun!

Blogging is not all about money. Always remember that. Do not blog because you want to earn money because if you will do that, you will only give up easily. Too bad for you.

What about you? Why are you blogging? Share your story below.

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