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2011: New Start, New Life

This is not my New Year's Resolution for the year 2011. This is not a farewell post. But this is to let you know that I will be leaving the Philippines some time in 2011. I know that this is an early post for that. I am just in shock! Mom told me that I must finish college before July 2011 but that is too impossible. I will be a senior student in June 2011. In other words, I won't finish my studies here in the Philippines.

What am I feeling? Not so excited. I mean going to US is my biggest dream but why am I feeling this? I have someone to meet there but I have a lot of friends here. I want to do a lot of things here in the Philippines. Doing them in US is not even possible.

I really don't know what to do. Time is running so fast. Days become months... I am not ready to go yet. Or I must say, I don't want to go.

I can't imagine my future there. I am not sure if I can find my own job there. =(


  1. gudlak pre! I think that is something you need to be happy about and look forward. Embrace change! :D

  2. Thank you benh! I think I must embrace it na lang talaga..=| Pero still, nakakatakot pa din.


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