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What a Day!

Today, June 08, 2010 we had our room to room campaign for our student's council election tomorrow. If you didn't know what the heck I did, I just run for a Public Relations Officer in our school's student council. I must say the fight among the 3 parties were so closed. Everyone has something to prove and something to say but we don't deserve just to listen to them because we also need to do more than what they did.

Having a room to room campaign is not a joke! The feeling of standing in front of their class like we are going to fry or dip in a hot boiling water if we answered their question wrong. Standing for like 30 minutes per room was insane. But I had a good time with my colleagues of course.

Being a blogger is a huge advantage in my part because I have the guts to write what I want and this will or might help my fellow students. Do I want to win? Of course yes! That is the reason why I am doing this okay but bear in mind that I need people's vote but I can live without it.

Tomorrow will be the day of the final judgment. I hope that wpeople found our party interesting enough for them to vote straight! So be it guys! Goodluck to me.

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