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We Did it! The Party Was a Success!

Last night, Informatics International College Manila Branch had its Acquaintance Party at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel in Sta. Cruz Manila. I am glad to say that the party was a success! As the new elected student council in my school, I am proud of the result.

Kudos for the Manila Grand Opera Hotel for treating us well all through out the party. The hotel itself is astonishing. The rooms are awesome with all the chandeliers and comfortable feeling when you are inside the room because of the fully air-conditioned room. The food were scrumptious! I super love the carbonara. =)

Because of the great venue, all of the students as well as the staffs had fun. The intermission numbers were great especially the performance of the third year. They did a very sensible and informative performance about the mother nature.

But I will never forget what my group mates did. I cannot say that it was a joke because we spent time and energy to practice for it. Maybe the concept is kind of funny but that was a never a joke. We got all the attentions of every soul in the room. I hope we will get the 50% grades in my java subject. I will let you know tomorrow. I will be posting some photos if I will get it today. It really sucks when you don't have your own camera or phone.

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