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The Story Behind the Vodka

First of all, please scan my yesterday's post before reading this one because this and that one have something in common. Here is the post: Weekend in Cavite and Vodka. So here is the story behind the vodka that we drank last night.

Me and my cousin went outside the subdivision to print out the things that she will be needing for her project. It took us 1 hour because the man in the printing station can't do multi-tasking. After that, we go back inside to finish her project. But we decided to have fun so we went back outside to buy some Infinite Drink. Infinite is a cocktail drink I guess. It is has a little bit of alcohol mixture with strawberry flavor. Unfortunately, even the grocery there doesn't have it.
After that attempt, Gilbey's Lime drink is our second choice. Again, this kind of drink isn't available. And after a very long argument, we decided to buy a Vodka: Green Apple flavor.

It is fun drinking it with my cousin while finishing her portfolio project. We were so high and free. Although we were hiding the vodka from her Mom and Dad. My cousin finally experienced to be groggy. =) That was a fun weekend.

Please wait for my next blog post. I will be reviewing the Green Apple that we had last night. Am I satisfied?  Find out soon.

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