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Rants of a Sun Broadband Wireless User

Last year was a very abundant year for me as a blogger because when we moved to another house here in Sampaloc Manila area, we luckily found out that our neighbor has a wireless fidelity at his home. I decided to put up  blog and earn money out of it for free since I won't gonna pay a bill for the internet connection. But early this year, after my vacation in Zambales, the free wi-fi signal was already gone. That was the saddest part of my life ever.

Luckily my Mom noticed my sadness and agony and she decided to have our own internet. She went to Sun Cellular kiosk and applied for our wireless device. She applied for a Sun Broadband Wireless plan and she have to pay 799 pesos a month.

If you are searching for Disadvantages of using a Sun Broadband Wireless, here is what I gotta say about it. The internet connection is okay. The signal varies on your location of course. The connection is becoming crappy every 10:00 to 11:30 pm. I don't know exactly the reason but I think it is a peak time or a lot of Sun Broadband users are using their services during this time.

Then I found this today. I am kind of disappointed with their service because our due date is every 19th of every month. If we did not pay our bill on the 19th, they will cut off our internet connection. Because of a very tight schedule, my Mom cannot pay the bill today (18th of July). So she will pay it tomorrow (the due date).

But my internet connection right now is very shitty and crappy. it is taking me 3 minutes to load up my facebook account and blog and I can only have 2 tabs for browsing. 

Maybe the people behind the Sun Broadband Wireless are thinking that we will not pay for the bills so they are threatening us. One word people, Consideration. You should consider the things that we need to do. And we will pay you no matter what! We are not poor and we can effing pay for the 799 any time! The thing here is we just busy and the weather outside is sick!

I hope one of you guys can read this post.


  1. awww. ang sun talaga oh. wala na kayang araw ng 10 ng gabi. hehehe. just kidding.
    anyway, I am already open for other forms of sponsorship.

  2. awts naman..

    at least yung sa smartbro ko tolerable pa

    pero mas maganda daw yung globe tattoo eh

    want to buy sana kaso sayang nman ung smartbro ko

    unang labas pa nman nun nung bilhin ko...masakit sa bulsa

  3. @Arvin No problem. I think that is my obligation as a blogger.

    @Red haha! Nice one.

    @Nuelegallos I bought Globe tattoo before but the connection was kinda slow so I switched to SUN. =)

  4. Sir, sun employee here.. hmmmm, sa palagay ko po di naman ganun ang thinking nila coz marami lang po talagang problem yung connection this past few days because of bad weather condition, and besides wala pong kayang makakontrol ng connection nyo dahil equally distributed yun sa lahat ng Sun broadband users, Sorry po for the incovinience, u can directly contact me if u still experience any problem :-)

  5. oh i see...dito kasi sa amin mabilis DAW

    hahaha..di ko pa-na-try eh..

  6. you shoud switch to PLDT myDSL na :)

  7. Hehe. Thanks for the comments guys! =)

  8. Hi, ok naman ang sun dito sa area namin so far.
    check this article I wrote about a comparison between Sun wireless broadband and Globe broadband tattoo , which is better?

  9. Sun Boradband Wireless, poor billing, poor service.

  10. naman...

    akala ko kung anong disadvantage deadline pala.

    Lahat naman ng bills may deadline and we cannot effing curse the company because we're too busy.


  11. Hello din!

    Have you read the effing title?

    It says: Rants of a Sun Broadband Wireless User

    So this is a personal rant. Unless you do not know the meaning of RANT.

  12. SUN Broadband wireless is a joke. I had it a month ago and was only getting 5kbps download. I didn't bother measuring upload. Note: that's five kilo bits per second! Are you freaking kidding me? You called that broadband? You are right, you can't even load a facebook page.

    Ok, I wasn't really expecting it to be fast like the 3G I have with AT&T but 5kbps is just ridiculous. No wonder they meter it by the amount of time you use it instead of the amount of data used. When first I learned about this I thought that was odd. I've never encountered an ISP that meters usage like that. I guess that explains it because they don't really care how much data you use (even zero kb) because as long as you're connected, you get to pay the same.

    What a ripoff. I tried to return it and get a refund. Duh?

    Sun Broadband is a scam.

    Mountain View, CA

  13. I'm experiencing this now ;) I can't connect my phone with the wifi ;(

  14. This is an outrage! Their service is so bad I considering transferring to a different service!

  15. 10kbps download speed most of the day.....Gotta laugh watching their tv advert.....What a bunch of frigging scammers at SUN "broadband"..........never again....OF course, they are now part of the PLDT scam....less and less competition in Phils....Soon we will be 100% fucked! Fuck Philippines business ethics.....


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