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My Plans for the Week and after Midterms

I hate planning things especially when I am taking vacations. Why? Because almost all of them are not happening at all because there are some things that I need to prioritize other than the plans that I made before. But today, I made a list that I must do for the week and after our midterm exams.
  • Cut my nails. I must do this before Monday because my nails are too long but not dirty okay? =) Long enough to scratch my enemy’s face until it bleeds. Haha! Brutally kidding.
  • Change Llama’s Journal’s blog template. I saw a website that offers the readers free and professional blog template and I picked a good one. All I have to do is download the code and apply it on my blog.
  • Refresh my life. Lately, my life was so emo and preposterous. I think I need to do something to refresh everything.
  • Wash my overused jeans. I have 4 jeans and 3 of them are overused and therefore dirty. If they can only scream at me, I might be dead now. *LoL*
  • Save the world from aliens and super villains. I am a super hewow that is why.=p Don’t ask, just see me soar in the sky with my red cape and mask. 

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