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Life is repetitive but Don't ever Give up!

Last Monday, I was very emotional with my life as a college student. I came to the point that I viewed my curriculum and found out that I am not even in the middle part. I saw all of the subjects that I need to finish before the OJT and the thesis. I was like the saddest guy that night and said to myself that I am too tired.

Life is sometimes repetitive.
That is somehow a fact. We wake up from bed. Go to work or school. Talk to the same peers. And finally go back home.

But even though our life is too repetitive and full of cliches. We must learn how to deal with it. Yes. Life may become repetitive for you if you will not do anything. Learn how to appreciate every little things and you will see a new perspective.

Life is too repetitive but behind it is a bunch of mysteries that we must reveal. Those things will make us say: "Hey! This is different." And they will make you forget the bad things that you had even for a while. Life is repetitive with a twist. Deal with it or Die.

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