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I wasted a lot of time

Argh! I hate wasting my precious time but I just did it today. Since I don't have any exams tomorrow because we will be going to Rizal Sports Complex to watch the opening of NAASCU, I just decided to use my free time to redesign my other blog.

It took me almost one hour to find the best template. Then I saw this 3-column blogger template that I think fits for my entertainment blog. But were errors and I cannot ever fix it!

After applying the template, I have seen a lot of errors such as the alignment of my widget and the unstoppable appearance of adsense and adbrite ads on my blog though I am not using any of them.

I tried to fix the errors but decided to give up after 2 hours. What a waste of time right? I want to blog something creative and interesting but because of that incident, I was forced to blog my rant about that template.

Another error was my blogroll was accidentally gone from the system. I terribly need your cooperation guys! I know that you will understand me.

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