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I think I need a New Phone

As I have said before, I am not a kind of guy who wants to complete the electronic gadgets that are IN today. I prefer to have a mobile phone that has a good camera, mp3 player, and something to use  for communication. But I think I need to buy a new one.

I am using Nokia N73 because it has a good camera with 3.2 mega pixels that is perfect for blogging and capturing memories. N73 has a good mp3 player because it is a Xpress music edition so this satisfies my needs.

But the problem with N73 is it has a very slow interface. For example, you will open your message in your inbox but it will take time to load your inbox. Well that sucks!

The most disappointing problem that I had with this phone is the "memory full symptom". I don't know the specific name of this problem so I called it that way. Experts say that the cause of this problem is the software in N73 that is called lifeblog. I haven't used it since I have the phone but it is now bugging me.

Because of this, I think I need a new phone or I will just repair it to save money for our acquaintance party in school. I wish my Mom will give me a new phone on my birthday this coming December 4. Haha! I also wish that she will read this post.

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