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I Need People's Vote but I can Live without it.

If you don't know the latest update about my personal life as a college student, let me tell you a little bit about it then. I tried my luck in politics. Yes, I ran as a Public Relations Officer in our school's organization and I know that this is not a joke at all. I am aware that I will spend time and effort for this especially for the campaign period which will be tomorrow.
I need people's vote but I can live without it. Their votes are very important but not essential. I will not do anything what they want just to please them. I will not be a hypocrite who will smile at them like I don't usually do. Enemies are still my enemies and nothing will change ever! I don't want to please you all just for that vote.

Yes! I want to win. Because I have goals. I want to be feel what leader feels. I know that the position that I want to have is not just a plain position but with a duty. A duty that will change what can be changed. So vote me if you want to. You are not obliged to do so.

Win or lose. Everything will be perfectly fine. Atleast I tried what I can do and have the guts to face the students and let them know that I can be a leader.

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