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Weekend in Cavite and Vodka

Me and my mom are staying in Metro Manila for my studies and for her work also. We need to rent for a room that is enough for our shelter. But we have a house here in Cavite and we can stay here as long as we want for free.

My mom decided to go here for us to have fun during the weekend and to get her new phone as well. She has her sim plan in Sun Cellular and got her free phone (this is her 4th cellphone).
The problem here in Cavite is the internet connection. It is like a turtle. Haha! I know this term is a cliché! Do you know how slow it is? Well, it will take you an hour or two before you complete adgitizing or click 50 blogs within the Adgitize network. While writing this post, I am adgitizing . Now I can’t click all my paid to click sites because it will bore me.

Stay tuned for my next post about my adventure for the search for Vodka.

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