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I am tired...

Note: This post is kinda emotional. If you don't want to be an absorber of my personal problem, you are free to leave this page.

I have posted to my recent blog post about the emoness in my life. After a week of geekyness, I am now having an emotional life that leads me to despair.

I think I am tired with the flow of my life. Inside the school or even at home. I think, all of my activities are too repetitive and I am sick of it. I want some refreshment. I need to unwind.

I don't want to stay online on facebook because I am sick of my friend's nonsense statuses. I am tired with my emo friends that keep on complaining about their lives. They are treating like a shock absorber not a friend.

I am tired of cracking jokes with my friends because it will just end up with nothing. Not even a smile. People around me are all lifeless.

I am tired with everything. I wake up. Go to school. Create a program. I will succeed. Sometimes I won't. Now I am tired. I am really tired.

I just want to be alone...=|

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