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I am Lost in a World of Java

This school term shocked me like never before. Since I am a Sophomore now, my subjects are more difficult than usual. I know that it is pretty normal because it is a sign of a progress and advancement. 

We are in the middle of the term and I am still lost. My minor subjects are not a problem. Some of my major subjects are not that hard but Java is my real problem.

Although I passed our Preliminary Examination in Java, I think I will never do that again this coming Midterm. Arrays, Looping statements, and Object Oriented Programming ruined everything. Now, i cannot make a program correctly not because I did not study hard but because it is really hard to understand.

I knew the basic. That is what important but I have to learn more. More advance and more critical for me to pass this subject so I can go on and never take my Advanced Java subject. I will take MySQL instead. My older friends say that it is muck easier to understand although it is using some programming languages too.


  1. you can do it!


    i'm actually lost like you..hehe

    but i never lose hope esp. now that i'm graduating hopefully haha

  2. WOW! Good for your nuelenegallos.=) Thanls for the comment.

  3. we should never lose hope because it help us to strive and break the record that we have done in our life.

    btw, call me by my first Nuelene

    =) gallos is actually my surname.

    thanks! :)

  4. Ok Nuelene..=) Your name is kinda unique..=)

  5. gee thanks! :)
    kinda busy..i just read this today. haha


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