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How To Write a Good Resume?

It is good to know the proper format of a resume even though you are still in college or you are not yet open for the world of business. That is one of the reasons why I took a Technical Writing class. Today, I will be showing the proper and new way on how to write a resume.

First, you must be detailed and honest when writing your information on your resume unless, the company will reject it.

Age, height, and weight are not that necessary. You can remove it if you want to. But to look professional, better put it away. Here are some informations that you can mention in your resume.

1. Personal Data. As I have said before, do not include your age, height, weight, and marital status.

2. Educational Background. List of schools in chronological order. Present to past.

3. Work Experience. Do not put too much job that you had. Mention only 4 to 5 jobs or else, the company might think that you are not capable of staying in one job.

4. Seminars/Symposium. Mention the most important and close to your field of specialty.

5. Organizations/Positions. Include the positions that you had during your college days. Believe me, they appeal the most.

6. Personal References. Include your college teacher, friend or any relative with valid contact number. They will call them for confirmation. Do not include your relative.

7. Signature. To prove that you are a human. =)

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