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How to know if you are Dehydrated or not?

Thanks to the very creative and informative poster in one of the restrooms in Rizal's Sports Complex. Without it, this post would not be possible. Do you want to know if you are dehydrated or not without having any laboratory test and pay much? Well you must pay attention to your pee.

But first of all, let us define Dehydration first. When you say you are dehydrated, the body within your body system is not that sufficient for your daily activities. Because every time we breath, move and do extra-curricular activities, our body is releasing amount water from our body by means of perspiration. When you are urinating, you are also releasing water. So you need to change the lost amount of water by drinking.

How to know if you are Dehydrated or not?

  • You can easily trace it using the color of your pee. If it is color orange, you are dehydrated and you need to drink a glass of water or two to protect your body from dehydration. If your pee is clear like water, it indicates that you are hydrated and that is a good sign.
So the next time you take a pee, better look at it and observe. Drink gatorade for better result.


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