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Home Alone: Day 1

Yes! I am all alone today. My beloved Mom went to Zambales to unwind and be with my little sissy. She will be staying there for 4 days and she will be here in Manila on Wednesday night. That means I will be all alone for 4 straight days! 

I can live without my Mom for a day or two but 4 days is impossible. I can't cook but I was forced to cook my brunch a while ago. I cooked my own version of fried rice and re-heated the fish in the fridge. I took a picture of the fried rice but I am ashamed to post it here. =p It tasted good I supposed.

Today is my first day as a loner here in our house and it's kinda weird and scary. I just watched 2 scary films today and it scared the hell out of me. I am not sure if I can sleep tonight with the lights off. I have watched "The Book of Blood" and "Forget Me Not" by the way.

If you want to come over here at my place, you are so welcome! I will give you a hot choco. The bed is ready too. =) 3 more days for survival!I know i can do this!

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