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Emo no more

I hope you did not read my emo posts for the past few days because they are very ridiculous. Today was a good day for me because my schedule during this day is not that hectic. I only have one subject which is Technical Writing. After my 3 hour class, we took our dance rehearsal for our acquaintance party. We will be dancing a not-so-gay performance. haha! There will be boy bands, lady gaga appearance, and macho men with a twist. They are just SPOILERS! 

I am thankful that I belong to the boy band group. We will be dancing a Westlife's hit song with their original dance steps. I know they are kinda gay but our goal is to make people laugh and enjoy the night. I think our role is a decent one compare to my other group mate's.

Our adviser talked to me a while ago. He said that I will in charge with the program's invocation. I am not used to it because I am not praying since I realized something. Am I a hypocrite when I did the invocation? A great pretender? I think both. A hypocrite and a great pretender it is!

I will be posting some pictures during the party this coming Friday. I hope I can borrow a good camera so I can have my own copy. 

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