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Boring Weekend

This is the most boring weekend ever! I know that I should do something for me to enjoy the weekend but my problem is I don't have something to do. Yesterday, I had a meeting and after that my Mom and I had to clean the house. I think my Mom will be throwing a pajama party this coming Friday. 

Aside from boredom, my life in a virtual world also sucks. I don't have something to blog. I won't update Llama's Journal for now. My facebook account is boring too. I am so tired of seeing senseless status from my friends. It's like I waste my 1 second for reading his/her status. I am also tired to a shock absorber. Hey I know that I am your friend but please! Stop chatting me about your personal issues in your life! I also have problems. That is not cool dude!

I also noticed that I am easily distracted these days. I don't want to talk much rather I am more on focusing myself in my studies which is I think good. My friends are always saying, "Do you have a fever? You look so matamlay". I think I am just tired of cheering up sad people around me without getting any appreciation. I am always cracking jokes but I think they were fed up so I must be quiet until they realize everything that they did.

Sorry, this another serious post. I think you need to get used to it like what did. Emo? not much. =p

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