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Black Out in Metro Manila because of the Typhoon "Basyang"

If you are residing in Metro Manila, maybe you are aware of the black out that happened yesterday because of the bitchy typhoon Basyang who is now gone. That was the ultimate black out that I experienced here in Manila. I thought it will never happen here in the city and I thought that the Meralco dudes were more advance when fixing the sources of electricity. But I was wrong.

Because of the black out, I was not able to click all of my ads in Neobux so I lost $0.40 cents! Screw you basyang! 

Another effect of the black out was we have not able to do our dance rehearsal for our acquaintance party this coming Friday. Until now, we are not yet done with the blocking and I have no idea about it. I almost forgot the dance steps although it is kinda easy but the thing is, I am not a dancer! Maybe a frustrated one.

But let us look on the bright side. Me and my Mom had our first dinner by the candle light last night and it was hell! There were no fan so I was like eating a hot rice with a hot soup and I was like took a bath from sweat! There was no bright side!

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