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BC Bloggers 4: Count me in!

Three long months have past since I bought my blog a new domain and the feeling was awesome! Knowing that the money that you used was the same money that you earned from your blogs. But putting up a new domain is not that easy because you have to do some things for you to upgrade your blog domain like the Page Rank and Alexa Rank. These two ingredients are important if you are interested to venture in paid reviews so better pay attention with them.

What I need to do to increase my Page Rank and Alexa Rank?
The answer to this question is easy. Do some linking, linking, and blog linking. What I mean to say is you have to link your blog to other blogs by creating your own blogroll. It is like you are shouting to the blogosphere that you have a blog and you need to expose it. The more back links you got, the higher PR and Alexa rank can you get.

What is BC Blogger 4?
BC Blogger is a group of awesome bloggers that has a goal. That is to get high PR and Alexa rank by linking to other blogs. If you want to join, you can go to Paula's Place for details. It is like all of the members will link to each others blog so that will be instant right? BC Bloggers will make the blog linking easier than before.

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