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Back on Track: This is the Real Thing!

Aha! I am so proud of my blog. I have posted 68 quality posts and they concentrated on my personal life as a college students and personal rants as well. I also reviewed some products and movie. Today, I am on the right track. I decided to make a move for the main goal of my blog. That is to give me some extra bucks to pay the internet bills.

This blog is destined to do some product reviews but I must exert effort for it. First, I must gain Page Rank from Google. Google is updating PRs every three months and they just updated this month. Guess what! I got a PR0. *LoL* It is better than PR N/A right? I must be thankful.

Second will be the Alexa Rank. Currently I have 2 million rank in Alexa and I am now improving it by:

  • Updating my blog everyday.
  • Linking to other sites.
  • Blog hopping to attract unique visitors per day.
What is new? I am now advertising my blog to different websites that can give me huge amount of traffic per day which is a great impact for my Blog's Alexa Rank and Page Rank. So if you are interested to be in my blogroll, you can simply contact me.


  1. Hello! It's nice to read about the development in your blogging endeavor. Would you like to exchange links?

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  2. Hi Deejay,

    Have you tried blogvertise? Do you think it affects the pagerank?

  3. Hello mommy jem..=)

    I think it affects the page rank because my other blog that is using blogsvertise haven't got any PR now. It just stayed on the same PR.

    But I am not sure with it though.


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