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Another Chapter of my College Life

I know that I am being a super geek this past few days because all of my blog posts were about my life as a college student. If you are new to my blog, I have posted before about my attempt in running for a position in our school (Public Relations Officer). 

Yesterday, we were so busy for the campaigning period and for the room to room campaign. That was kinda tiring but I did enjoy doing that kind of thing even though it was scary to step up, in front of the freshmen and older students.

Today is a history. A new page and a new chapter of my life as a college student unfolds. Why? Because I won. The fight was so tight and the votes were so close. It is kinda overwhelming to me as a sophomore because I know that there were few seniors and juniors empowered me by their votes and I am not gonna waste that. I know that the path that I will be taking will not be as easy as 1-2-3. This will be rough, and hard for me. So bring it on! I believe that a rough and hard circumstances will mold me as a better person. 

I know this very dramatic blog post and I am not used to it. I am just cherishing this momentum and I want this to be a good memory. Because it is so pure and significant. This is all I can say:

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