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Zambales fever

Oh Jeez! I terribly missed my blog and my internet connection. It's been 3 days since I went offline because I came to Zambales, my beloved hometown. Because of this, I was not able to click any paid to click sites and haven't updated my blogs.

I had a lot of fun there. We went to West Coast Beach Resort in Botolan Zambales and unwind there. The place is good and they have a beach bar. =)) This will be the venue of my Mom's wedding this coming December so this place will be ours for the whole day and I will be their bartender! Ohyeah!

During the night, we hit the karaoke and sang the songs of the fray, american rejects, and MCR with my cousin. We were really drunk at that time though and our faces were all red. lol I will be posting some pics as long as I received them from my email okay? I am looking forward for this kind of event again..=)) Hurray for a long weekend!

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