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I am not fond of buying ipods for myself. I prefer using an all in one gadget where I can use the MP3 player, camera, and a video recorder. I am talking about my mobile phone. But the problem with my phone is I don't have a USB port so I can't transfer files from my computer to CP. Thank you technology for inventing the bluetooth by the way. Because of the bluetooth, I can now transfer files easily without any use of ports or wires.

Music is a MUST on my phone. I am a music lover and wants to listen to my favorite music all the time. What I am doing is downloading a music then transferring it to my phone instantly. How convenient right? But downloading music is not that easy because you are prone to viruses and worms so you need to be careful.
What I am using to download a music is "Youtube Downloader". Using this is quiet easy. Just open the software, paste the link of the youtube video that you want to download the click download. After you downloaded the video, you can now convert it to a MP3 file the you can send it to your ipod or phone. Make sure to scan the file first before opening okay? If you want to download "Youtube Downloader" for free, click the link provided: Download file from CNET here.


  1. Thanks for the link Deej! I have been waiting for this one.=)

  2. You can download it now Sir.=) But dont forget to scan first before running the program.

  3. hey deej... is the converter already in the package?

  4. Hi Calvin! Yes. The converter is already in the package. Take a look on the photo above. After you downloaded it, you can convert the file into a mp3 or mp4 format.


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