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I have said this before. I really hate programming specially java programming. If I have a choice, I won't take that subject. I admit that my mind is not made for the field of programming because I am not that logical enough to make a single program.

Maybe I can make the simple ones like displaying a word or using arithmetic operations to come up with an output. But I cannot make a complex program ever! I never imagine myself as a programmer. I prefer designing websites, manipulating photos and editing videos for a living.

But I think, I made myself down. A while ago, I took my prelim exam in java. It was a hands on test and the programs that we made are totally random and we cannot copy each other's code because that is the number one rule in programming. Never let other people copy your program. The best thing is I studied hard and I must say that I succeeded. Because for the very first time, I have successfully made my first ever java program. And I passed the prelim exam in java too. Now I believe that we can do everything if we will just persevere and work for it. So forget the negative things that I have said about Java Programming. Java..I am loving it.

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