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Saturday Bonding with Mom

Yesterday, Me and my mom went to SM manila to have our bonding. It's been months since we did this with my younger sissy because we went to Zambales during the last weekend. You can see my post about my vacation in Zambales here.

Mom planned to go at SM to buy some stuff for me. But before everything else, we dropped by in Quiapo to buy a Bleaching Lotion for my Mom and some DVDs like Saw 6. I am really happy that we were able to buy this film because I am craving for some good gory film. After that Quiapo experience, we went directly to SM Manila and eaten our lunch.

After that, we went in the Department store to buy some stuffs. We first bought 3 formal attire for my uniform because I meed to wear a formal suit every Wednesday because we are obliged to do so. When it comes to formal suits, Natasha is my favorite brand because their creations are simply cool and amazing. Then we proceeded to Men's shoes section and choose for my black shoes. It took me 2 hours to pick one because I am choosy when it comes to my things like shoes. It was a big relief when I chose the right shoes for me =). Although it is kinda expensive, at least I will be comfortable to wear it and it will surely last for years. For the shoes, I used Mario D' Boro before but now, we bought a shoes from Jarman. Let us see if what brand is better. Jarman is more expensive than Mario D' Boro by the way.

If you want some photos, I will post some of it soon. Just wait for it okay? Ha ha!I will also review the shoes that I bought soon.

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