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Sandwich and Backlinks

This past few days, I have noticed that I am always hungry and craving for some food. Maybe it is because of my hazardous schedule inside the campus. So what I always I do is I eat bacon sandwich. I am not fond of eating bacon because I prefer the chicken flavor. But Mom left me no choice because she bought the bacon flavor. But I am kinda like it.

Another one is I spent 2 hours submitting my blog to different blog directories out there. Because if you want to venture in the world of paid reviews, You should have a lot of these for more opportunities. You will get these cool badges that you can see at the bottom of this blog. If you want one, just click each of them and submit your blog then get the HTML codes so you can paste it on your blog like what I did.

Aside from these cool badges, your blog will also gain backlinks. Backlinks are counted as points and each points will help you ti gain higher Page Rank. If you have a high PR, it means that your blog is more powerful. Like my Llama's Journal, it has PR3 and I hope that I can increase it.

So I gotta go now because I will review my notes for our quiz on Java. Wish me luck because that is what I need. A pure luck.

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