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Plan Shift

I am about to make a huge shift to what I have planned before. That is plan is to blog interesting topics to attract the users of search engines out there but everything changes when my adsense account was disabled. As you may know, adsense was the first money making program that I used. I earned from but never had the chance to use the money. Sad but true. But that instance opened a lot of opportunities to me as a blogger. 

But now, my plans are about to shift. I have used this site as a money maker. They paid me once and I am expecting for another one next month. What I am talking about is Triond. Triond is a site where you can earn without limit. The minimum cashout is $1.00 and earning is not that hard. All you have to do is write a quality content, submit it to triond, and when they approved it, you can now wait for the money. Make sure that you are writing an interesting topic so people will visit it. The more people visited and read your article, the more money you will get at the end of the month. Triond is paying via paypal by the way.

So instead of writing for nothing using my blog without adsense, I decided to blog more on Triond. If I did attracted thousands of visitors to my blog, then I can do the same thing on Triond too. Patience and SEO are my friends here. Wish me Luck. 

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