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Olay Total Effects

My Mom is always saying to herself that she is getting old every time she see the wrinkles and lines on her face. So while we are strolling at the mall, she bought this product that can rejuvenate her skin and make it more youthful that ever. What I am talking about is Olay Total Effects.

If you will asked about the smell, well I smelled it once and  the smell is perfect. It is like a bath soap, or a body wash that will make your face fragrant for the whole period of time.

But the important thing is the effect of the product right? So I asked my Mom about the effect of this product after a week or two and she evaluated it.  And I have noticed that the big pores on her face minimizes and they are not visible at all. The line below her eyes were slowly disappearing and I am sure that after 3 weeks of using this, her face will look more youthful. 

Olay total effects also exfoliates the skin. But unlike other facial products that exfoliates the skin, olay is not one of them. It is only removing the dead skin cells without noticing it. I never see it peeling or something so this is really promising. It also nourished your face with vitamin C and E that will really protect your face from any skin damages caused by exposure to the sun.

If you think that your face is becoming ugly because of the signs of aging, you should try Olay total Effects. It might help you too.

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  1. I'm using it too,how much is it now, mine is empty now, and ponds have a sale promo of less Php200, still waiting for Olay to do the same.


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