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My Blog's name is not Lame!

This article will not be possible without the help of the mysterious blogger who talked to me a while ago. He is my classmate and also a blogger like me. But what makes him mysterious is he doesn't want us to know the links of his blog. Until now, I still do not know the name or links of his blogs.
He asked the names and links of my blogs because he wants to be updated on what is happening to me as a nocturnal man. And I gave him this blog and I said "Oh, Don't mind the name of my blog. I know it is pretty lame." But I never expected his reply "No name is lame anymore just like apple".

This phrase makes me realize that my blog's name is not really lame. It is the way I introduce it to the public just like what Apple did. The word apple is like the lamest name if you would give it to someone but because of the quality of Apple's product, people liked and loved their goods and the name as well.

So I am proud to say that this blog is mine. The name? I think of it so hard before I bought a domain so it is mine decision and my decision is awesome!

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