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Jollibee Spaghetti

Every time I go to a fast food chain like Jolibee, I am always ordering their spaghetti because I really love pasta even when I was a kid. I am not a fan of sweet meals but I am a fan of Jolibee's sweet spaghetti. I don't know why because there is something in it. I also love the main ingredients like the hot dogs, cheese, and a little bit of grind meat. I think, what made this special is the sauce that is really tasty and mouth watering so you will never be good until you taste it.

The concept of Jolibee spaghetti is to serve a kind of spaghetti that fits for the taste of Filipino people because Filipinos are fan of sweet spaghettis before the Italian pasta arrived. It is like a meal during the typical birthday parties that we truly love. You can buy this food for only 50 pesos with matching your own drinks. I am glad that their spaghetti is much more affordable than any other pasta out there. For me, Jolibee Spaghetti is the best and the original spaghetti for Filipinos.

The perfect dish or food that compliments this kind of food is the Jolibee sundae by the way. So the nest time you go in any Jolibee outlets, buy your own Jolibee spaghetti to taste what I have tasted. And for you to satisfy your wants.

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  1. You like pasta? Try Pizza Hut! Also try Lasagna. :)


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