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I Want a Blog Makeover

This was created last month and I admit that I am now doing what I have to do for the main goal of this blog. Want to know that goal? You will know it after a month or two. That goal is too visible for the visitors. Since today is a holiday, I planned to have my blog makeover for my Llama's Journal and this blog unfortunately, I did a lot of things today so I think the blog makeover that I planned will be happening soon. 

Thanks to Creative Dork for giving me a new perspective on how to run a perfect personal blog like this one. While writing this blog post, I am searching for a 3-column blog to customized for me to apply on my blogs. The problem is I can't find the perfect template for me. I am looking for a simple template and easy to customize. I also want it to be a search engine friendly so I can apply my knowledge on SEO. I need to go now guys! See you tomorrow for my new post.


  1. Hey thanks for the mention of my blog! Good luck with your blog makeover and make sure you have fun doing it! :)

  2. You are welcome Mr. Robbie. =)) Your blog is really amazing!


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