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Human Centipede: The Sickest Movie Ever!

I am a huge fan of bloody and horror films like saw, hostel, and final destination because those movies are making me more alive and keeping my blood pumping like crazy. Many people including my Mom keep on asking me why I love these kind of films but I just say "I don't know". 

Last night, I bought a DVD of the film "Human Centipede". I have seen the trailer before and it urges me to watch it on DVD. This is the trailer of Human Centipede:
This movie made me stresses the whole night. I mean, it was not that scary or bloody like saw or hostel but there is something on the movie itself. The flow of the story is kinda unique and puzzling. I hate to say this but the ending of the story was like "Whaaaaat the fucccccckkk was that?". Haha! Sorry for that word though. The movie is a must-see if you love this kind of film but if you don't then I suggest you should press the "X" button.;)

PS: The japanese guy in this movie was so stupid!


  1. The film looks very disturbing. I found out that at the later part 2 of them dies remaining the one in the middle behind. lol

  2. haha! you revealed the most puzzling happening in the movie Mon..lmao!

  3. Eewwwwww. That all i can say.


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