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Fake Accounts in Facebook are IN!

Yes, they are so IN today but I am not a fan. Hater? I din't know but one thing is for sure. I don't like them. But am not a hater okay? People now are doing nonsense things on the internet including in social networking sites. I am talking about Facebook.

I have been a member of facebook since last year but I don't have any thousands of friends because  I don't want be flood. What I noticed today is, there are a lot of fake accounts that are inviting me but I don't really give a dang.

There is a poser who is making fun of my classmates or schoolmates. He is doing some blind items about what he noticed about an individual without looking at himself. The good thing is he is not featuring me on his game. I am just a reader and observer. But if he include in his blind item, I will definitely reveal himself here on my blog with photos and videos. ha ha!

Byee for now guys!

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