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DeejSpeaks Got its Own Domain

I have been planning this for like months now but I just do some work and earn extra bucks for this domain. And after two months of clicking paid-to-click ads and reviewing a lot of products, I was able to buy this domain yesterday (May 30, 2010).

I bought my .com domain at for only $8.99 or let's say $9 and it will last for a year. I never thought that I will be able to buy my own domain because my paypal account is not yet verified but namedotcom accepts payment from not-verified account. This blog is still hosted by blogspot because I don't have enough money to afford my own host. =)) Give me more time for that.

If you are planning to buy your own domain at, I will always be here to help you wit URL forwarding and that DNS thingy that will enable you to run and use your site. Maybe on weekend, I will be writing a step by step process on how to set-up a domain on after you purchase a domain. (sounds redundant! =))

I will now do some SEO and link building so bye for now! =))

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